Game: Predicting the future with Will

This is a very simple game which requires very little preparation and which you can do as a cooler at the end of the class.

Tell the students you’re a gypsy and that you have the ability to tell their future. Tell the students that they can only ask you one question, so they have to choose carefully what to ask you. (If students are not very confident, ask them to write their question).

Answer their questions by asking them to give you a number (any number up to the number of cards you have created) and then shuffle the cards and  lay them face down on the table, if they have chosen number 4 place three cards face down on the table and, with a lot of drama, the card which comes fourth  face up on the table. This is the answer to their question.

Posible words on the cards: Yes, it is in the cards/No way/ It’s not likely/ Not a chance/ Absolutely/ Most certainly, no!/Not in this life!/ Most decidedly so!/If you play your cards right/Not in the inmediate future/My crystal ball is cloudy, ask again!

Laura: Will I be rich? Fortune Teller: No way!

David: Will I pass all my final exams? Fortune Teller: Yes, it is in the cards

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