Comparative and Superlatives
Dependent Prepositions
Expressions with mind
Future: Are you going to/ Will you…?

Future Perfect/Future Continuous
How often

How long does it take…?
I’d rather
Indirect Questions
May/ Might :possibility
Phrasal verbs with “get”                                                                                                                        Phrasal vebs with “look”                           

Phrasal verbs with “go                                                                                                                                             Prefer                                                                                                                    Present Perfect                                                                                                       Present simple and Continuous
Superlatives                                                                                                           Would Rather


  1. Hi Carryl,
    Thanks for commenting. I’m very happy you find the section useful.
    If you’re looking for a temporary teaching post in exchange for, perhaps, accommodation,I’ll suggest you post a comment on some facebook pages that are especially for teachers, like TeachingEnglish-British council or English for sharing.
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  2. Your page is very thorough. I just saw it and have to go through it carefully. Its full of good stuff.
    I’m from Sri Lanka and looking for teaching posts, temporarily. I’m retired from full time work and would love to travel outside of Sri Lanka to teach short spells.
    Even voluntarily.

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