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And the Winners of the I Recorded Short Story Contest Are….

……(fanfare of trumpets) María López ,Montse López and Claudia Seivane in no special order. It has  been a tough decision to make and though my original intention was to give just one prize , I’ve been totally unable to make a fair decision. For this reason, I asked some of my colleagues to help me decide and they faced the same dilemmas as me as  the three of them deserved to win for different reasons . María and Claudia are hard-working  thirteen-year-old students with a promising future in languages  and Montse, though older, was up to her eyes  with exams and still found the time to write a long short story. My thanks to the three of them for trying so hard and to the rest of my students who have also participated with more or less fortune. Many thanks to them all.You all deserve your prize!

Here are the winners and their stories:

Claudia Seivane Otero : Falling in Love in 1955

María López Valdés: Surfer’s Paradise

Montse López Fernández: The yellow Flower

Below these lines are the rest of the participants with their short stories. They all deserve to be published !

Click on the icons to listen to their short stories and to see their names

And Last but not Least…

Lidia’s short story : Hello Ann

Ruben’s short story

Ainhoa’s Short story

Estela’s Short Story : The Small Pirate

I Recorded Short Story Contest

Welcome to our I Recorded Short Story Contest. Open to all my students until May 31st!
Are you willing to try your hand at writing a short story in English and then reading it? This could be your chance to be internationally known; who knows who might be visiting the blog and listening to your stories and , well, you might end up being a well-known writer !!!
Yeah! I know !, Probably too far-fetched ! But ,what is undeniable is that this activity can help you improve writing and pronunciation, and this  is what  really matters!
As in every single contest of some importance , there are RULES. These are mine:

♥Entries must be in English
♥They must be recorded using the online tool Sound Cloud (Tutorial in Spanish , here)
♥Recording should last up to three minutes
♥Stories must be entirely your own work and must be previously unpublished
♥Only one entry per person
♥There is no set theme
Closing submission date: 31st May 13
♥Top three prizes to be determined
♥Winner will be announced the first week of June ,online and in this blog
♥First, you need to record yourself using SoundCloud.
♥Then , go to the comments section in this post
♥Write your full name
♥Write the name of your short story
♥In the Share box of your recording Copy/paste the link provided by soundcloud (starts with https)

Good luck !! Some pictures that might inspire you ,below!!!

I got this fantastic idea from the wonderful blog -MCargobe’s Blog-Room- written by a colleague from the EOI Valencia, which I highly recommend if you are willing to practise your English. Click here to see her blog.

See the winners here and listen to their stories.