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Teaching Environment Vocabulary with Capzles

Today I want to share with you a new tool that could be quite useful when trying to add  a touch of something to your classes. It is called Capzles and it is a very popular site for creating interactive timelines. It is a great tool for several reasons but mainly because the timelines created with this tool  let you use images, videos , pdfs …etc and it can also be embedded into a blog or a website.

Today I have used it to display some images containing vocabulary about the Environment but just as I am writing these lines , I am already thinking of other ways to use it, as being able to embed videos is a great feature and  makes this tool highly recommendable.

Another problem caused by deforestation

A good laugh but also food for thought.

In a way it reminds me of a packed pub on a  Saturday night and the long queue at the ladies.


  • deforestation(n):The loss of forests due to overcutting of trees
  • food for thought (idiom): somehting  it is worth thinking about or considering seriously
  • packed (adj): completely filled ; full
  • queue (n) : a line of waiting people