·          ANCIENT:


a) in or of times long ago: ancient Rome or ancient Greece.

            b) (old use or humour) an ancient man


·          OLD:


a) having lived or existed for a long time or long enough to show signs of age .

                             He sells old and new books

           b) having been in use for a long time.

                              Old shoes

           c) of an old period in the history of Language :

                             Old English

           d) advanced in age.

                             He is as old as James

                     Idiom: As old as the hills


     a)      Often emphatic  (of a person) getting near old age.

                 An elderly man

                             My father is getting elderly.

                              The elderly should not climb these stairs.

    a)     being old and therefore valuable

                               Many proprietors try to furnish their hotels with antique furniture





a)       a work of literature, esp. if written long ago or in a special way which is considered very good.                                                                                                                         

Most of Shakespeare’s plays are now classics of the theatre/theatre classics

b)      very good,esp. because of a kind that has for a long time been considered good, especial

This is a really classic French wine

c)       very true or suitable

This is a classic example of how Roman houses were built.


Beethoven wrote classical music





·          HISTORIC:


a) of the times whose history has been recorded

They are arguing as to whether King Arthur was really a historic figure or whether he never existed at all.


b)      important in history.

This change in government is a historic event of out times.




·          HISTORICAL: of or connected with history

He writes historical plays

She is a member of the Historical Society.