What's a false friend? :It's a  word that looks or sounds as if they should mean the same thing in both languages but really don't.

For example the English  word CAREER, which is not the same as CARRERA in Spanish. The English word career is the equivalent of "carrera profesional " in Spanish., while the Spanish word CARRERA  is "degree" in English.

Have a look at these examples where both words are being used.



Esta haciendo la carrera de derecho = He’s doing a degree in law

Carrera media o Superior=  three-year/five-year university course

Carrera técnica = technical degree



She’s excited about her career prospects

She’s now concentrating on a career as a fashion designer.

…a career in journalism

…. A political career

He began her career as a teacher.

During his career as a teacher, he taught thousands of students.