Mysteries  of everyday life


Source: New Cutting Edge Upper Module 9 List 1


Do you know the answers to the questions below?


  1. Why do so many men go bald but almost no women?
  2. Why do we laugh when people tickle us?
  3. Why do some people sleepwalk?
  4. Why do people yawn- and why do people cover their mouth when they do it?
  5. What causes hiccups and what’s the best way to stop them?
  6. Why do people say “bless you” when someone sneezes?


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Checking that you know these words might help you.


 The Bubonic Plague   the diaphragm    The Middle Ages

Oxygen     pre-adolescent boys    the soul     a state of panic

Stress    swallowing rapidly    testosterone


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After the listening: Which information did you find most surprising?