I canít come to the party because I've broken my leg

(We could often change  a simple Present  Perfect into a Present Simple with a similar meaning. ( My leg is broken) . Mary has just had a baby. (Mary has a baby).


                   Police have arrested more than 800 people on Friday and Saturday.

                Iíve lived here for exactly 3 years , seven months and two days.

The choice between Simple Present Perfect and Simple past doesnít depend on finished actions  but it has a lot to do with  finished time periods

              The cat has eaten your supper - finished action- Present perfect

The choice doesnít depend either on whether events are recent. But on whether we are concerned about its present results.


The French Revolution has influenced many radical movements in Europe since 1800 ( 200-year-old event)

Ann phoned five minutes ago. ( very recent event)





I have violin lessons every two weeks

I have been having violin lessons every 2 weeks but I Think Iíll make it every week from now on.

It has been raining since Xmas.


         I must have a bath. Iíve been gardening all morning (focus on a continuous activity)

              Iíve planted a lot of new roses (focus on result)


                Iíve been reading a book ( focus on a continuous activity)

                 Iīve read you book.


                        Iíve been playing tennis recently.

                         I've played 3 matches or I've played three times this week.

That man has been standing in the corner all day

For 900 years the castle has stood on that hill


I havenít been working very well recently

He hasnít worked for years


Iíve been living in Sueís flat  for the last month.

My parents have lived in Pravia all their lives