Special emphasis on   try+ infinitive  and try+ gerund



You  attempt to do something. The action is difficult and you may or may not succeed. Most of the time you donīt.


I tried to warn him but it was too late

I tried to change the wheel but my hands were too cold.


·        TRY+ GERUND.

To experiment,  to try a new experience. to do something and see what will happen . It is also used to suggest something.


I tried sending her flowers,writing her letters, giving her presents, but she still wouldnīt speak to me.

If you have a headache, why donīt you try taking an aspirin?




I tried to get up early but I couldnīt ( try and fail)

Why donīt you try getting up early? ( suggesting an action)


They tried to put  wire netting all round the garden.they attempted to do it. The sentence doesnīt tell us whether they succeeded or not

They tried putting wire  netting round the garden.  This means that they put wire netting round the garden to see if it would solve their problem.(possibly keeping foxes out) We know that they succeeded in performing the main action; what we donīt know is whether this action had the desired effect, i.e. , kept the foxes out