Countable and Uncountable Nouns


Countable nouns:
  • You can use one/two/three etc    I have got one sister
  • They have a singular and plural form.
    There is one car in the garage/ there are two cars in the garage
  • You can't use the singular alone . You need  a/an/the/my..etc
    I've got carF I've got A car.


Uncountable Nouns:
  • Uncountable nuns only have one form: singular
    sugar      the sugar     some sugar     my sugar
  • You can't use a /an with an uncountable noun
    a sugar
    F   sugar                      a  milkF   milk
  • You can't use one/two/three +uncountable
    one water
    F some water        two music F some music


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