Some and Any

We use "Some" and "Any" to talk about an indefinite quantity

Compare: There are two birds in the tree /  there are some birds in the tree


  • we normally use "some" in affirmative sentences.
        There are some birds in the tree
        There is some milk in the fridge
  • Some + countable noun in the plural
  • Some+ uncountable noun 
      I have got some sugar in the cupboard
      I have got some books about history.
We normally use Some not  Any in questions:
a. when we offer things. Would you like some water?
when we ask for things Can I have some money?
  •  we normally use "any" in negative and interrogative sentences.
    There aren't any birds in the tree
    Are there any birds in the tree?
  • Any + countable noun in the plural
  • Any+ uncountable noun 
    I haven't got any sugar in the cupboard
    Have you got any books about history?




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