As we have already seen Used to+ infinitive  is used to talk about past habits which are now finished. 

   I used to drive a Toyota, but now I drive a BMW (I drove a Toyota regularly in the past but not now)

Be used to+ ing  is used with the meaning of "be accustomed to; it isnt strange or new for me"

  Im used to driving my BMW now, but at first I found it very strange and I wanted my Toyota back

Get used to+ing is more or less the same as "be used to" but it implies " become accustomed to"

   When I moved to Great Britain I had to get used to driving on the left

More examples:

I am used to the climate of Asturias so, when I moved to Jaen I found it hard to get used to  the climate there.

I used to drive to work .but now, I have found a job in the town where I live.
It takes me 50 minutes to get to work and Im used to driving long distances every day to go to work.
It is difficult for me to get used to driving for two hours to go to work.


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