Listen to the song by kate Perry and fill in the gaps. Pay close attention to the linking in the chorus.

This was never way I planned
Not my intention
I got so brave, drink hand
Lost my discretion
It's not what, I'm used to
Just wanna try you on
curious you
Caught my attention

I kissed girl I liked
The taste her cherry chapstick
I kissed girl just try
I hope my boyfriend don't mind it
It felt so wrong
It felt so right
Don't mean I'm love tonight
I kissed girl I liked it
I liked

No, I don't even know your name
It doesn't matter,
my experimental game
Just human nature,
It's not what,
Good girls do
Not how they behave
My head gets so confused
Hard obey

Chorus: I kissed....

girls we so magical
Soft skin, red lips, so kissable
Hard resist so touchable
Too good to deny
Ain't no big deal, innocent