Role-play: at the doctor's

You aren't feeling very well. You think it is something to do with a business  meal you had at the wekeend, so you decide to go to the doctor's

The doctor will ask you questions about.                    

  • Your symptoms
  • Allergies

You can also question about :

  • Your treatment
  • Your diet


The conversation might be something like this

Doctor: Good morning. Please sit down. What seems to be the problem?
            Patient: I'm not feeling very well.

Doctor: What symptoms do you have?
            Patient: I've got stomachache

Doctor: Do you have a temperature?
            Patient: No, I don't

Doctor: Do you have a headache?
            Patient: Yes, I do.

Doctor: How long have you had this headache?
            Patient: For about two days

Doctor: Ok . Do you know if you're allergic to anything?
            Patient: Well, I'm not sure

Doctor: OK. I'm going to give you a prescription for some pills .
            Patient: How often do I have to take the pills?

Doctor: Take one pill every eight hours.
            Patient: Thank you . When should I come back?

Doctor:If you don't get better , make an appointment to see me.