Rewrite the following sentences so that they mean the same as the original sentence but beginning as given .

1. He´s the accountant. He does my accounts.
He´s the accountant
2. She´s the nurse. She looked after me.
She´s the nurse .
3. They're the postcards. They arrived yesterday.
They're the
4. She´s the nurse. I saw her at the hospital.
She´s the nurse
5. They're the birds . I fed them this morning.
They're the birds
6. That´s the magazine. It arrived this morning.
That's the magazine
7. That´s the magazine. I got it for you yesterday.
That's the magazine this morning.
8. I met somebody. His mother writes detective stories.
I met somebody detective stories.
9. I talked to a girl. I know her mother.
I talked to a girl