What's the difference between...?

Ache and Hurt
Ancient , Old, Elderly and Antique
Arrive At and Arrive In + Exercises
As(conj) and Like (prep)
Actually and At the Moment
Beat and Win
Because and Because of
Between and Among
Can and Be Able to
Classic and Classical
Cook (a) and a Cooker
Corner: In the Corner and On the Corner
Could and Managed to
Degree and Career
Dream Of and Dream About
End: At the End and In the End
Especially and Specially
Farther and Further
Finally, in the end,eventually, lastly and at last
Finish and End Up
Hang and Hunged
Hard and Hardly
Have and Have Got
High and Tall
Historic and Historical
Ill and Sick
Late and Lately
Lastly, at last,finally, in the end,eventually
Made of, Made From and Made By
Maths or Math
Near and Near to
Old and Elder
Roast and Baked
Stressed, Stressful and Stressing
Teacher, Professor and Lecturer
Teacher/Professor/Lecturer/Tutor/Instructor/ Coach/Trainer
Think Of, About, On and  In
Toothache or A Toothache?
Travel/Trip/Journey/Voyage/Crossing/Flight/ Cruise
Used to and Would
Weekend : At the Weekend and On the Weekend
Weigh, Weighed and Weight
While and Whereas