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            Elementary   A1,A2           Intermediate B1                Advanced  B2
Stretching a Sentence Writing a Summary Some  Common Mistakes 1
Linking Words: and, but , also, however An Opinion Essay Presentation Creative Writing: using Wordle
Capital Letters An Opinion Essay : Students' Essays A For and Against Essay
Physical Description   A for and against task Example
  Opinion Essays: Topics to choose from The Writing Process
  An Informal Email Formal Letters. >Tips >Exercise 1

Task: Writing a Narrative

Improving your Writing Skills
  Task : Dressed to Kill Six Steps to Writing a Good Book Review. Pdf


Discourse Makers: 1 Collaborative Writing: Tourism
While and whereas A Book Review Complaint letter: Paragraphs and examples
Connectors of Contrast A Film Review  
Clauses of Purpose A Formal Email  
  Formal Letter: Applying for a Job  
  Working with Adjectives:   Moving Up from ” I Made Tea” to” I made myself a nice, hot sandwich of low-fat blue cheese because I was starving”  


> Write an informal email giving advice
> Write a formal letter/email applying for a job