Role Play : Renting a House

This year I am teaching  two different levels, the  2nd course in the Elementary Level and the 2nd course in the Intermediate Level.  Teaching the last courses within a level means my students will have to, necessarily, take the Certificación exam if they want to pass to the next level. The exam has different parts but I know you’ll agree with me if I say that the most stressful one is the Oral test. I know it is not everyone’s cup of tea to face a board of  two or three teachers  listening, very attentively, to every word you say. Haven’t you always wanted to be centre of attention 😉 ?

The oral Exam in the Elementary Level has two parts. The first part is a Role-Play. Here, the students will have to interact with the teacher. Students will be presented with a situation and they will have to take  one role, while the teacher takes the other role.

To prepare my students for these role-plays, I often use PhotoPeach, an online tool which allows you to create a free slide show in seconds. Dying to try my other slideshows with Role-Plays? Click here

This is the last I have uploaded: Renting a House. Prior to this online Role-Play, students, in pairs, have written an advert for a house/flat for rent and from this advert they have written a dialogue, which they have later performed.

This is the last step.

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  1. I love your website!! I think your posts are amazing and so are your ideas!
    You’re such a devoted teacher.

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