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My Crafty Side: Fancy Clothespins

Every time I publish one of these posts I feel the necessity to remind you that the aim of these articles is not only for you to learn to make pretty easy things but also to practise your reading skills ,reading authentic material.This time I have chosen this article by Ez published in her blog Creature Comforts.

In her article we can see how she turns  a plain clothespin  into a cute clothespin so easily that you can’t help but wonder why you had never thought about it. I just can’t wait to give it a try! aren’t they lovely?

Useful vocabulary:

Clothespin=wood or plastic fastener; for holding clothes on a clothesline

Fabric= A cloth produced especially by knitting, weaving, or felting fibers

A dream come true: Casa MariFalcón

I am dying to tell you about my new project , but first things first! and first is telling you about this very interesting site I’ve used for my little project. Everybody knows how difficult it is to build a professional looking website but with wix , it’s one of the easiest things in life. It creates a Flash website without any knowledge of Flash.

And now , about my little project

Some time ago we bought the ruins of an ancient house, Investing a lot of time, a lot of effort and, why not say it, a lot of money  we have finally finished . It is in the North of Spain and we have decided to rent it during the summer holidays. So , if you want to come to Spain and enjoy the beautiful landscape and the clean sandy beaches of the North , this might be your house.

Please, Have a look at the website created with

My Crafty Side: DIY Bracelets

And yet another post for this section . Spring is just around the corner and we’re willing to bare our arms and enjoy the sunshine on our exposed skin. These easy DIY bracelets will make your wrists look beautiful . The only problem : deciding which colour you’re going to choose for your bracelet.

Remember that the aim of these posts is for you to practise your skill at understanding real English. Click on the blog below to get to the original post.

Source: Honesty…WTF.

My Crafty Side; My Christmas Tree

I always get in a bad mood whenever I have to mark exams. The happiness I get from marking an exam with a 10/10 doesn’t compensate the utter desolation when I see that many students can’t be bothered. Well, maybe utter desolation is a bit too strong, but I’m sure you get my mood. Anger, frustration, demotivation …etc. What can I do to get to them? Is there anything else I can do?

Well, excuse my mood  and let’s change gears completely. Today I want to show you a Christmas tree you can do with next to nothing. Well, maybe I got a bit carried away when I said next to nothing ‘casue you need books  but …only books. I wanted to show you my own Christmas Tree, but after taking several pictures from different angles and discarding all of them and starting the process all over again I realized that the picture I got the idea from has a better quality than any of my pictures , though I want to point out that my “Booktreee ” looks just as good” if not more ha, ha, ha 😉 .  The other picture is a nice idea for a photograph and again it doesn’t cost much.

My Crafty Side:Turn a bar of soap into liquid hand soap

If you follow this blog you’ll surely know that this section is not mine, so at the end of these lines you’ll find the link to the blog I got the idea from.

I’ve been for ages storing complimentary bars of soap from the hotels I’ve stayed in. I should have got rid of them ages ago , but for some sentimental reason I’ve always put it off. Now, I’m glad I didn’t throw them away. I’m not going to ever buy liquid hand soap again .You’ll never guess how easy it is!

You are about to read the original  recipe, which might work just fine but I’ve slightly modified it: I’ve added two spoonfuls of liquid glycerin instead of one and added another cup of water because  I felt it was too thick, but I guess it all depends on the  kind of soap you’re using.

Source: Savvy Housekeping. Click here to read the article and good luck