Monthly Archives: July 2021

Summer Break Is Here

Ohh this year. I am not going to deny it’s been a hard one.

There was a period in my life when I could easily multitask and take care of my family and home, work as a full-time teacher, run webinars, travel the country training teachers and even managed to keep fit and go shopping. This year, I have to confess, I have concentrated on running webinars ( 68 and counting – thanks for your trust) to the neglect of some other duties and hobbies.

Anyway, I hope next year I will be able to publish more regularly, mainly because it makes me really happy to share with you all my ideas and experiments and read your feedback, but for now, the blog is taking its usual summer break.

Thanks for reading me. Thanks for your supporting comments and feedback. See you again in September/October. I’ll be taking attendance!!!