My Crafty Side; My Christmas Tree

I always get in a bad mood whenever I have to mark exams. The happiness I get from marking an exam with a 10/10 doesn’t compensate the utter desolation when I see that many students can’t be bothered. Well, maybe utter desolation is a bit too strong, but I’m sure you get my mood. Anger, frustration, demotivation …etc. What can I do to get to them? Is there anything else I can do?

Well, excuse my mood  and let’s change gears completely. Today I want to show you a Christmas tree you can do with next to nothing. Well, maybe I got a bit carried away when I said next to nothing ‘casue you need books  but …only books. I wanted to show you my own Christmas Tree, but after taking several pictures from different angles and discarding all of them and starting the process all over again I realized that the picture I got the idea from has a better quality than any of my pictures , though I want to point out that my “Booktreee ” looks just as good” if not more ha, ha, ha 😉 .  The other picture is a nice idea for a photograph and again it doesn’t cost much.