Word of the Day: Optimization

To optimize is to make as perfect, effective, or functional as possible,to make the best of anything.

And this is precisely what this little tool does for your computer to keep it in good shape. It’s called  CCleaner and it might be  one of the best cleaning systems you can find for free.

Its main purpose is to clean any unnecessary files from your hard-drive and on opening the program you can see the various aspects of Windows that you can search through and clear. CCleaner will also detect your installed applications that may hold on to files which are no longer any use, such as Google Earth histories or Flash Player configurations and it’ll allow Windows to run faster while freeing up valuable hard disk space.

There’s even a portable version you can carry around .

3 thoughts on “Word of the Day: Optimization

  1. Very good song!
    It says a lot of things, with only a few words. All days can bring us something interesting.
    Read you soon!

  2. Great song .. and very ad hoc! Rod Steward has always been one of my favourite singers. I love all his songs . Try this one with Amy Belle

  3. Hi Cristina!
    How are things?.
    Here I am ,trying to keep my English level but maybe the holidays were too long and my brain sometimes gets stuck because I have been a bit lazy this summer.However,the summer has finished and I must return to school(like Rod Stewart´s “Maggie”,Mclan has a good version).
    See you soon!

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