Domestic Violence Awareness Week

I could have let it pass as I’ve done with other Whatsoever Awareness Days but this one in particular strikes a personal chord .

Did you know that females are at risk of violence in some countries from the beginning of their lives  … (trafficking,honour killings, genital mutilation,sexual exploitation, rape )… just because they are women

Some facts to consider: 

It kills more women than cancer
It affects 1 in 3 women worldwide
15 million women will be assaulted by their husbands this year
It leaves women mentally scared for life
In 60% of the homes where a woman is abused , so are the children

Remember:  Apologies and promises will not end the violence

                          Abuse is not a loss of control… it is a means of control

 This video may be a bit too much if you are a very sensitive person… but this is usually the way it starts… so if you’re suffering anything like this , find  help!!

2 thoughts on “Domestic Violence Awareness Week

  1. Yeah! As old as the hills ,i.e as old as me!!
    I’ve edited part of your post (I hope you forgive me taking this liberty) but she usually reads this blog and I don’t want you to get into trouble of any sort!
    Say hello to everybody !!

  2. Hi Cristina!This is a sad video but unfortunately this is a daily problem in a lot of houses maybe they are rich or poor, perhaps they have studies or not but there is a kind of man who thinks that the women are one of his properties,that´s the main problem.Young people ought to change this but I don´t think so because of their mentality.They are openminded only in a few things but in this case I think they aren´t.There are also bad influences from their idols like Rihanna and Eminence.There is a difference between passion and assault and they have to know.Finally a big surprise ,yes it´s an oldie song,”For what is worth”by Buffalo Sprinfield”.See you soon!

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