The Digital Story of the Nativity

Though I did find it funny and witty, and though I  agree that “Times change”  but “Feelings remain the same”, I do think that there are some traditions that should never change and this is one of them.

… and deep inside  I know this video is food for thought!

2 thoughts on “The Digital Story of the Nativity

  1. Hi Ivan
    Thanks for your comment! It ‘s nice to know you are still reading my blog.
    In case I don’t have any other chance I want to wish you a very Happy Christmas and a good 2011

    The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” -Eleanor Roosevelt

  2. Hi!I love Cristina´s Restaurant thought food.It´s funny and you are right, it has made me think about today´s life. Perhaps,many people live their life like a virtual one, so ,if Jesus was born today it could be a new facebook record with people who agree and people who do not.The other post about Jesus teaching is also very nice I imagine a class (also in adult teaching sometimes)and I think that a teacher has to be so patient,doesn´t she? See you soon!

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