A fast-paced game to revise

With my elementary classes I need to revise very often, especially for exams. We usually do it as in a competition, with students being eliminated if they fail to provide the right answer. ( games work very well with adults , too)

This time, we are going to do our revision in a different way.

♥First, I need to pair the students, mixing strong students with weaker ones.

♥Ask students to choose a winning name they can identify themselves with. Write it on the blackboard.

♥Explain that you are going to revise some  material from the textbook and that they have 5 seconds to write their answer. Give them slips of paper.

♥After the countdown 5…4…3…2…..1… students hold up their slips of paper

♥Give one point for every correct answer

♥Count points at the end of the game, ask the winning students to stand up and give them a big cheer.

This game is highly motivating and works well with teens. Appoint the noisiest student to keep the score on the blackboard and if you want to make it look real, download from this website the sound of a clock ticking . It gets even funnier!

http://recursostic.educacion.es/bancoimagenes/web/. As this site is in Spanish, you might need some help to download the clock sound .

1.Tick the Sonidos box only.

2. In the Search box , write “reloj” , which means “clock” in English.

There you have it! Choose the one you like best and let the fun begin!

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