Lesson Plan : Personality adjectives

Step 1. Look at the mosaic below with the faces of some well-known celebrities and, bearing in mind what you know about them, write a description based on their personalities. Make sure you use personality adjectives. Do not mention the name of the celebrity you are describing as your classmates aim will be to find out who you are describing. Please, don’t be too flattering or too hard on people. Remember that “not all that glitters is  gold”.

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Step 2. Let’s have some fun. How would you fancy converting text to music? This funny programme allows you to type any words and it sings them back to you. Try typing some personality adjectives and listen to them sung by different people. The site is called Text to sing.

Step 3. Exercises. Do the following online exercises .

Exercise 1 Exercise 2

Step 4: Writing. How do you see yourself and how others see you? This task, as you can imagine, requires mature students as it involves writing and reading about you. First, students  find a classmate they know pretty well. Secondly, students write about their own personality and then, about their friend’s personality. Encourage students to explain and exemplify why they have chosen a certain adjective to describe them and also to describe a negative trait in their personalities as well as in their friend’s. Students pair themselves and compare what they have written.

Step 5. Singing Hand in my pocket by Alanis Morisette

19 thoughts on “Lesson Plan : Personality adjectives

  1. She is thin, ugly and has blond hair.
    She is very outspoken and nosy. She is stubborn, impulsive and confident too. She isn’t hardworking and she has got a fiery temper.

  2. She is tall and thin and has long blond hair. She is hardworking and friendly with journalists.
    In a short time she got a lot of fame and now she is a very popular singer. She wear very strange clothes.

  3. He is famous because he is an important person in the world of the sport so he earns his living out of it.He is a sporty person and he is very beautiful person. He is a good player but a lot of people say that he is very big-headed. He has got a lof of money.

  4. He is a beautiful boy,young,medium height,thin and very very beautiful.
    He has a beautiful voice
    He is a singer with millions of copies sold and million reproductions of their videoclips.
    He used to be a little inmature and pretty big-headed.

  5. She was a very famous singer in the past and now she still sings. She likes to change the colour of her hair. She is a little mysterious but creative.

  6. He is Italian and tall .He is very funny and he is a generous person.
    He drives very fast and too well; he is a winner
    and he is the person who wins the most championships where he drives

  7. This a very famous person because she was a singer and now a designer.
    We all know her as a posh because she always in.
    She is married with a famous footballer; with him she has four children.

  8. He is a famous football player. He is forward in a very famous Spanish team. He had a hormonal illness and this team paid for the treatment. He is modest and generous, he colaborates with ONGs to help with the Haiti disaster, with children starvation and others…
    When he appears on TV he looks happy and funny with the reporters.

  9. She is creative, confident and nice. Her hair´s colour usually changes. She is a little mysterious but she is fun. Her husband is outrageous but he is a good person.

  10. This person that I am going to describe is black.His hair is short, he is not very tall, he is very broad-shouldered because he needs it for his profession, in which he is quite good.
    The problem that he has in his profession is that he is very agressive and this causes problems to others mates and he has not got a very good relationship with some mates. He used to be very inmature but in the last year he has changed, and now gets better with his mates.

  11. She is a famous singer. She is very strange and special. She is very controversial because of her looks. She is very creative in her job and very generous with the people who need money.

  12. She is short-tempered and impulsive. She says that she’s a good mother, she’s very kind-hearted. She’s thin and her hair is straight.

  13. He is strong and he practises sports because he likes it. He wants to win all the games.He is a good person.He is number two in the world.He lives in Spain and he speaks Spanish and English. He has a lot of money. Finally he is generous but he is sometimes stubborn and a bit inconsiderate.

  14. She is very snobbish. She is sexy, fashionable and rich but she is very inconsiderate and very big-headed. She has brown hair and lives in L.A.

  15. She’s thin and her hair is always changing. She’s very confident, determined and stimulating. She works with a lot of energy. She’s famous and also outspoken.

  16. She is tall and very thin. She has short brown hair. She is hardworking, outgoing and kind-hearted. She is married with a very popular footballplayer. She has four children. Usually, she seems to be in a good temper.

  17. She is a very important person in the world and controversial. A woman who enjoys the food as a pleasure.
    She is very natural and likes to have fun. She always does that she want.

  18. She is a very famous singer. Her performances are very impressive.She always appears in the social events calling attention with her funny clothes. She appeared on the MTV awards with a “meat´´ dress. She became famous after her single The Fame(2008).

  19. I think this person is better than GOD but he is poorer than me. He’s ugly and a bad player.Sometimes this player is very understanding and he is never selfish . He has the most beautiful girlfriend in the world so he is very lucky ! JAIME VEGA ESPINA LOVES IT!

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