Teaching “should”: Why men shouldn’t write advice columns.

Ending a lesson with a smile on the students’s face is priceless and this is what I got after doing this activity with them.

Aim: teaching “should” to give advice.

Task: Students in pairs were given the left  column of the article where a problem is posed .  They were asked to write a sound piece of advice to help this person.

Now , once their advice  was read out and properly appraised , I wrote on the blackboard  Men shouldn’t write advice columns and then asked students to guess how this headline could relate to the problem they had  just read about.

After a juicy discussion , I handed out the right column and we had a healthy  laugh!

2 thoughts on “Teaching “should”: Why men shouldn’t write advice columns.

  1. Hi there!
    Thanks for your nice comments about my “little” project.I really feel proud of the result and I hope to have a lot of guests during the summer. I’ll let Liz know you’ve enjoyed her article about Easter. It was really interesting and I am definetely going to try to cook those delicious buns.Thanks for dropping by.
    P.S : F.T ? Is that me?

  2. Hi F.T.!
    Well, I´ve heard that men can´t do two things at the same time, but this is new for me.Real healthy laugh!.Congratulations Elizabeth,good article!She put all her eggs in the basket.She eggs me on to visit the USA during the Easter.
    I´ve seen your “little” project,it´s a beautiful house!I can see the time,the effort and the money but also an exquisite taste , it seems very comfortable and has a good prize,maybe the web needs a bit of colour doesn´t it?.That´s all folks!See you!

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