Dear Mum

Oh My dear Mommy!

When I found this piece of writing I could  hardly believe what I was reading. I had always thought my mother was unique, especially when nagging  or pestering me but after reading this, it suddenly dawned on me that mothers have been using the same  pet words, warnings and threats all over the world .

Useful vocabulary:

To Straighten up= to reform  or become reformed

I used to get into a lot of trouble, but after I had my daughter I straightened up for her.”

“If Derek doesn’t straighten up, his girlfriend is going to leave him.”


1. It means the diffusion of fluids through a membrane

2. A gradual, often unconscious process of assimilation or absorption: learned French by osmosis while residing in Paris for 15 years.

ESP means ExtraSensory Perception

Barn =A covered building used chiefly for storing grain, hay, and other productions of a farm

Do you have the same impression ?Does your mum tell you some of these things?

OMG! I’m a mother now! I’ll have to pay close attention to what I say to my kids.

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