ELLLO : Practise.Listening.Comprehension

Are you looking for a site to do some Listening Practice? Then, you have just found it!

ELLLO stands for English Listening Lesson Library Online and it’s an amazing site with tons of listening activities to help you improve your listening skills with audio, video, quizzes and vocabulary.  It is created by Todd Beuckens, an English teacher based in Japan.

The activities contain the tapescript and some  comprehension questions, vocabulary quizzes and  also images to help you understand.

Choose your level (beginner to advanced) and then choose the activity.

♥Interviews: natural conversations with various speakers of English that offer multiple listening options

 ♥ Listening Games: where students listen to audio about a topic and choose the picture that matches the audio.

♥Mixera survey that features six different speakers answering the same question. Students can easily follow the topic and compare the various responses. Each speaker’s segment comes with two questions that appear at the end of the audio segment to develop test taking skills.

♥News Center: an animated newscast. Each newscast has six stories. For each story, students can try to answer questions about                                                    each news story.

ELLLO is certainly worth a visit!

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  1. Just I want to thank you for sharing such a valuable material to help us make teaching a fun experience. Thanks!

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