9 Useful Websites to Help you Improve Pronunciation and Listening

The speaking test is already knocking on your door and you still need to improve your pronunciation? Don’t rest on your laurels ! Time to do something about it!

This a selection of some of the posts I have been publishing over the years where you can find not only listening activities but also the tapescript of the recording.  The school year is almost over  but it is maybe not too late to give a little push ,in the right direction, to your pronunciation. Remember, we learn by imitation so let’s get down to some serious parroting !

To make this image interactive I have used a tool called ThingLink, that  allows you to turn your images into a multimedia launcher. Click on the icons and start practising.

I hope it is useful!

5 thoughts on “9 Useful Websites to Help you Improve Pronunciation and Listening

  1. yes . It’s also very good . Thank goodness there are some very good sites out there. They make our teaching life so much easier!

  2. Great list! Thanks! I just want to say that esl-lab.com is also an amazing website for listening activities.

  3. Yes, this is a post I had been meaning to publish for a long time but for some reason or other I never got around to publish it! I hope it is helpful to all students needing to improve pronunciation.

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