I’m going on Holiday

I love teaching , just like that ,  and it is not something that on certain “difficult”  days I have not pondered again and again  but still at the end of the course, year after year , this same feeling remains. I enjoy teaching!

But what no one tells you when you decide to become a  teacher is that ending the school year is way more work than starting it, than preparing classes and than marking exams. I hate writing reports !

Anyway if you have been following me you know that , at the end of the course I’m normally so burned out that I need a holiday. So, my blog is  also going on holiday. I really hope you’ll still be there when both me and my blog return in September.

I ‘ll say my “see you later” this year with one of my favourite songs from The Beatles,  some refreshing images of  Hawaii’s beaches  and wishing you the best of summers.

2 thoughts on “I’m going on Holiday

  1. Have a great summer!

    I’m not going on holiday (chance would be a fine thing!). I’ll be teaching some students these couple of months and hopefully they will do fine in September.

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