Video Lesson: What your Signature Says about You

It is said that your signature tells a lot about your personality. What do you think?

Try this simple exercise. On a piece of paper write a short note to someone and then sign it. Done??? Let’s now analyze your signature. Ready?

♥If your first name is more prominent than your surname , then you have positive feelings about your childhood and your “private” life is more important than your “public” life.

♥Do you use initial letters in your signature? If it is in your first name , then you want to keep your personal life more secretive

♥If you have a legible signature, then you have clear ideas and objectives. If it is illegible , then you are less confident and tend to avoid conflict.

♥If you have a rising signature, then you are optimistic and ambitious. A descending signature will indicate you lack self-confidence and tend to get depressed. A horizontal signature will suggest you are a well-balanced person.

♥If you sign in capital letters, then you are arrogant.

♥Finally, if your signature is bigger than the rest of the document , it means you have a high opinion of yourself and if it smaller you might be insecure and have low self-esteem.

Well, well…  after learning all these things I might consider changing my signature. What about you? Do you believe in Graphology?

Watch this video where a graphologist analyses the signature of several famous people and try to answer the questions

Question 1. What does the underscore in a signature tell us about this person?
Question 2. What do we learn of Elisabeth I from her signature?
Question 3. According to the expert, what does a rising signature indicate?
Question 4. What does an underscore looking like a dollar sign say about the person?

Answers: Watch the video again in youtube (click here). Activate the subtitles feature  and check your anwers.