Fun quizzes

Now, as if I didn’t have enough to do I’ve become sort of hooked on this Facebook thing,which is packed with silly quizzes. I think I’m on my way to become a total nerd if I don’t put a stop to the time I spend on useless pastimes. Anyway, never in my life had I seen such a load of quiz tests . There are tests for everything , ranging from telling you what sort of person you are based on a quiz on the shoes you like to telling you what your day is going to be like when you open (virtually speaking, of course) a cookie. It can be fun at first but then it gets really tiresome.
I have found where some of these quizzes come from. Quizzes can be fun ways of learning new vocabulary and questions, at least this is the reason that has prompted me to write this post. So, visit here and treat yourself to some fun quizzes

But there is something else : this site also allows you to create your own quiz and this is what I have done. This time a bit more educational, though.

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