Halloween: right around the corner!

I’m not a great fan of Halloween . I don’t like spooky things and I don’t like seeing people ,even kids ,dressed up as witches, skeletons…and all that stuff. But I have to admit that globalization has made it difficult for us, Spaniards, not to get a bit  carried away by the   funny side of this tradition, namely the Jack O’lanterns , the fake dusty cobwebs, the treat or trick stuff  etc, etc…. Thanks God my children are not asking me to dress up the front  of my house with scary skulls and burning skeletons, yet!!

Anyway , on the funny side are these delicious dishes , ranging from gory to creepy, you can surprise your family with.

On the serious side you can also do something. Follow the link below to read and also listen to some facts about Halloween  .

Have a spooky Halloween!!!

Recipes :

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