Which is correct ? It sounds good or it sounds well??

What is your bet? Before you go on reading, try to guess which one is correct. Say it aloud! Once again!  Ok! I’m sure your guess is correct!

So, what do you say…

♥ it sounds good or it sounds well?

♥ it feels good or it feels well?

♥ it tastes good or it tastes well?

♥ it smells good or it smells well?

The verbs  in the sentences above are all  verbs of sense; with them, we use the adjective “good“. Using  “well” would be a mistake ( very common, by the way, in non native speakers) but which would  sound weird to native speakers .

But English can’t be that simple, can it? Look at these two examples where both sentences are correct:

♥He looks good-  it means he has a pleasing appearance

♥He looks well- it implies that yesterday he was ill

Anyway, if you have difficulty remembering which one is correct, just sing along  the great James Brown.

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