Winner of this Month’s British Council’s Teaching English blog award.

I am  pleased to share with you that I am the winner of this month’s British Council’s Teaching English blog award.

I’m sure most of my readers know about this prestigious organisation but for those of my students who have just started learning English, know that the British Council, funded by British government, can be considered UK’s international cultural body. It  works in more than 100 countries worldwide and reaches 20 million people face to face and more than 652 million people online.

When I started the blog eight years ago, I never imagined I would get this far. Initially, it was more like a meeting point for my students and me, a way to make sure they could still practise outside the classroom encouraging, in this way,  autonomous learning. It still is a meeting point for us, but it has grown into something bigger, mainly because of you , dear readers. The pleasure of seeing so many visitors from everywhere in the world has kept me going, although sometimes it has not been easy to find the time to write something worth publishing.

Allow me to dedicate this award to my students who are the source of my inspiration. Here’s the link  to the post Most Common Pronunciation Mistakes Heard in Exams that was chosen as representative of my blog. You’re most welcome to do it

Want to read a bit more about the British Council ? More information  here and here  and you can also become a follower on facebook here




10 thoughts on “Winner of this Month’s British Council’s Teaching English blog award.

  1. Congratulations, Cristina!!!! I really look up to you. You are great and every time I need something special your blog is the chosen one. You really deserve it.

  2. Thank you girls! of course, I don’t mind!!
    Thank you for your kind words. I am flattered! 🙂

  3. You are incredible, Cristina!
    Congratulations for your wonderful work.
    Hope you don’t mind we recommend your blog in our webpage. It’s always worth a visit!
    Lots of hugs from Llanes
    Saskia and Aurora

  4. Congrats Cristina. You are a champion and it is a well deserved award.Thank you for your work every day. ❤️

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