Guess the Game

Still on the subject of sports, today let’s focus on a writing activity where you’ll have to make use of lots of things learnt this week, namely

  • Modals: have to/don’t have to/ must/mustn’t
  • Vocabulary related to sports
  • Prepositions of movement

What to do?? Simple!!! Look at the following  pictures. What do they all have in common? Exactly!! They’re all sports.

What do you have to do? Choose a sport and give a good definition for it, mentioning everything you know about it as regards equipment, rules of the game, where you can practise it…etc. Make sure you do not write the name of the sport as we, readers, will have to guess the name of the sport you are describing.

Need a dictionary? Here : Monolingual



24 thoughts on “Guess the Game

  1. In this game there are two teams with five players each and you have to throw a leather ball into a basket using only your hands, you can´t use your feet ,your head or any part of your body.If your score near the basket you´ll get two points but if you throw behind the 6´70 line you´ll get three points.One of the most famous places where you can see a match is The Madison Square Garden in New York.My favourite player of all times is Earvin”Magic”Jhonson.

  2. In this sport you play for a team or for your country, if there is a championship or the Olympic Games. It’s an indoors sport and you play with a round ball. There are five players in each team. You can touch the ball with your hands, but not with your feet.

  3. You need a pair of gloves to practise this sport, because you fight with your opponent and if you didn’t use them you could hurt him or her.
    You can hit your opponent using your hands but you can’t kick or hit him with your legs.
    There is a referee in this sport who judges if you are playing fair.

  4. It is a lonely sport, you must train very hard and have willpower. This sport has a lot of different categories and you can run, jump or throw.
    It is the king of the sports in the Olympic Games

  5. It’s a sport in which two people, male or female, generally of similar weight,must fight each other with their fists. It has to supervised by a referee during a series of one to three minutes. The victory has to be when the opponent is knocked out or has to be determined by judges. You don’t have to hit below the belt, hold, kick, bite or push your opponent.

  6. This sport consists of slide alone on the waves standing on a board.It´s a dangerous dangerous because of the physical effort.You must have balance,ability,agility and coordination.You can do it alone or with somebody.

  7. This is an sport where the players use a ball to play. In this sport you have to hit a ball into a hole.

  8. It is a very usual sport. It is a solo sport, and to win the competition you must run, run and run. It’s sometimes difficult because you need to withstand a lot of kilometres, but people who do this sport say that it is funny.

  9. In this sport there are two teams of nine players each one, and it’s played outdoors. You have to hit the small ball with a bat to send it as far as you can, and then run as fast as you can towards the bases. If you pass the four bases before the enemy team catches the ball, you’ll do a homerun.

  10. This is a sport that is generally practised in the sea.
    The size of the waves is very important.
    To practice this sport you must be on a fboard and slide on the waves.

  11. In this sport people drive cars in a race. The person who arrives the first wins the race and the person who wins more races is the world champion. The races are run around the world and the people earn a lot of money

  12. You practise this sport outside, near the sea or near a river and you need to stay very quiet because the fishes could run away.


  14. In this sport you must use two skis and two sticks to move over the snow. You can only practise this sport in winter, when there is snow in the mountains. You must wear warm clothes.

  15. It is a contact sport, born in England.
    To play you have to have two teams with fifteen players each team. You also need a ball (like a melon,and the players must be faster and stronger, because they have to put the ball in the bottom line of the opposite camp.

    That\’s all!

    Good bye 😉

  16. It’s one of the most exciting and interesting sport that I have practised. I like it, but it has one problem because we can only do it when it’s very cool. You stay at the top of the mountain and you can see everything. I think that it’s fantastic.

  17. I’m going to describe a sport which can be played indoors or outdoors. It’s played on a court which can be made of sand, grass or carpet. It’s a sport between two or four players because you can play single games or double games. One player must throw a small ball to the other side of the court, and the other player has to give it back.

  18. You must stand up by a river and you have to catch a stick with a string and hook but you must be patient. If you are patient you are going to have a surprise

  19. In this sport, usually played indoors, two teams of seven players each, a goalkeeper and six outfields players, have to throw the ball into the goal of the other team using only their hands.

  20. Rules of the game:

    Two teams of five players each try to score by shooting a ball through a hoop elevated 10 feet above the ground. The game is played on a rectangular floor called the court, and there is a hoop at each end. The court is divided into two main sections by the mid-court line. If the offensive team puts the ball into play behind the mid-court line, it has ten seconds to get the ball over the mid-court line. If it doesn’t, then the defense gets the ball.

  21. In this sport there are five players. They can’t touch the ball with their foot. They run to introduce the ball into the net. When the players do five fouls, they can’t play any longer in the match.

  22. To practise this sport you only need a simple traksuit and comfortable trainers and, of course, a ball. You can play it in a team or solo, but every time only a person plays. You take the ball in your right hand and you start running along the track and you throw it towards some sticks which you have to knock. It´s a sport which is practised in a lot of countries and every one has its varieties. In Asturias it is a traditional sport, the ball is made of wood and there is batiente, cuatreada, palma…

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