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I owe this idea to my colleague, Mº Jesús Balán who has an  excellent blog ESL Bloggers.

Ready? Time to put into  practice everything learnt  for picture description. Click here and  here if you need to brush up .

Look at these pictures. The exercise is quite simple. Choose someone from this collage and write a description in as much detail as possible.

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  1. This picture shows two women in a street.In the foreground there is a relaxed woman eating an icecream sitting on a bench,in front of a pub.She is about thirty and she is wearing a blue polka dot skirt and a red blouse.She is also wearing sunglasses. She´s got short straight black hair. In the background there is another woman in her twenties.She is walking along the street although she looks in a hurry.She is wearing a black dress ,black boots ,and sunglases and she has got long wavy black hair.

  2. In the picture I can see an old woman sitting on a chair.
    Her hair is white but I don´t see what´s the length of her hair because she is wearing a floral shawl in her head.
    She is wearing a formal blue coat but I can´t see any other clothes.
    She´s reading a book. I think that she could be reading a boring book because she looks a bit tired.

  3. In the foreground I can see an adult.She´s probably about thirty.She´s a beautiful girl and her hair is very long and straight. She also has a fringe but It doesn´t cover her eyes.
    I think she´s well dressed but I can only just see a plain black coat with long sleeves and black and white buttons.
    She´s wearing a small pendant in the neck.
    She must be happy because she´s smiling.
    In the background I can see a man.I think he´s middle aged. He has black hair but he´s going bald.
    I don´t see very well but I think he is wearing a dark coat.
    He looks tired.

  4. This picture shows a black woman in her 30’s. I suppose she is at her own house. It looks like a balcony made of red bricks or there entrance to a garden. The woman is wearing a black T-shirt and a pink anorak. She is doing nothing, only smiling at the photographer. She has got brown, middle- length straight hair and she has got beautiful white teeth and her skin is not too black.

  5. In this picture I can see a black child . He has curly black hair and he is wearing formal clothes for his age: a light blue suit, a yellow tie and a white shirt. He looks happy and pleased to be photographed because he´s smiling, but I think this photograph was made some years ago because the clothes aren´t fashionable.

  6. In this picture I can see a woman sitting on the floor. She looks happy because she´s smiling.
    She`s got her laptop on her legs and It looks as if she`s working.
    She`s good looking and She´s got thick lips. She has got long wavy black hair and her hair is in a bun.

  7. In the picture, I can see an old person sitting on a bench in a street. I think she is probably over 85 . She has long curly white hair. She hasn´t got a beard or a moustache. She ´s wearing casual clothes. She is wearing a grey sweater and a checked skirt. She’s carrying a black bag and a walking stick. She has big black sunglasses. She must be tired because she walked for two hours. In the background there is a man looking for women. Both are elderly. He is bald. Behind them there are many people walking

  8. She is wearing a colourful dress and she’s sitting and eating a sandwich. Her bag comes in various colours, her hair is tied up .She’s wearing sunglasses and high heels.

  9. Describing a Picture

    In this Picture I can see a street where there are two people sitting in two benches and both look about eighty years old. An old woman is in the foreground and an old man is in the background. This old woman has medium-length curly white hair. She’s wearing a grey jacket, a striped dress, a black purse, a black walking stick and finally sunglasses. About the old man, he is bald, and about his clothes: he has a brown jacket, jeans and finally a brown walking stick.


  10. In this picture, I can see two old people sitting on the bench. I think they are about 30. The woman has got short white hair and it’s a bit curly. They are both wearing casual clothes, for example the woman is wearing a cotton grey jumper, a checked shirt and a handbag. On the other hand, the man is wearing a leather jacket and grey trousers. He is balding because he almost has got no hair. They have both got a walking stick because they can’t walk very well.

    They look a bit tired because they are sitting in the middle of the street. They seem a bit sad because you can’t see anybody near them. In the background I can see a lot of people walking or buying or with friends…

  11. This is a picture of a teenager sitting and working on the computer.

    She’s probably about sixteen years old. She’s got curly light brown hair tied back in a bun and quite big brown eyes. She is wearing casual clothes; she’s wearing printed knee-length trousers and a black plain T-shirt with short sleeves. She is wearing neither earring nor tattoos. She is barefoot because it seems that she is sitting on a bed or on a carpet.

    She looks really happy and like a typical teenager chatting with her friends, or maybe her boyfriend. She must be even playing with videogames.

  12. In the picture I can see a woman sitting on a rug with a portable computer on her legs. I think she looks young, probably about 20. She has long curly brown hair, and it is in a bun. The woman is smiling, and she has brown eyes and a big mouth.

    She is wearing casual clothes: floral green clamdiggers and a t-shirt with short sleeves, and I think that it is summer because she is barefoot. Her laptop is shiny and black, and I think that she likes it very much.

    The background is white and empty.

  13. In the picture, I can see an old woman who is reading a book, and in the background, I there is a bed with two pillows, I suppose that it is a bedroom of a geriatric or a hospital.

    The woman looks in her mid seventies, she has long white hair and she is wearing it in a pigtail with a checked scarf. She is wearing unfashionable clothes, and I think that they might be old.

    She looks a bit tired because she is very old, and she’s probably a clever woman who likes reading.

  14. In this picture I can see a girl sitting on the floor. She looks like a teenager.
    The girl is wearing casual clothes. Her hair is in a pigtail.
    I think she is in her room because she isn’t wearing shoes.
    She has a computer in her legs. I think she’s chatting with friends because she’s smiling and she looks happy. She can’t be working.

  15. This picture shows a boy who is lying down in the street near a yellow taxi. He is about eighteen years old, and I think this boy usually wears comfortable clothes, because in the photo he is wearing blue white and pink trainers, dark blue trousers,a light blue t-shirt, and a brown jacket. He has a newspaper, he is listening to music with headphones, and he looks very relaxed.

  16. This is a picture of a woman sitting on a rug. The woman is probably about 20. She has short curly hair. She is wearing causal clothes .She is in the middle of the picture. She is using a computer. On the floor there is a rug. She is smiling and she looks happy. The woman could be chatting with her friends. I think that she is listening to music. The picture reminds me of my little sister talking with her friends.

  17. In this picture I can see a young girl. I think she is probably about sixteen.
    She has long straight dark hair and a fringe. She is wearing a red t-shirt with a robot printed and a black and white belt. She is also wearing black and red bracelets and a necklace.
    She looks as if she’s waiting for someone because she is touching her hair as if she were bored. She must be on her way to high-school because she’s carrying a bag.

  18. In this picture I can see a woman sitting on a bench in the middle of a crowded street eating something. She’s in her mid thirties. She’s wearing a floral skirt, a red T-shirt and a floral handbag. I think she’s in front of a restaurant because there is a billboard and tables in the background. She has got long dark hair in a bun and sunglasses. It looks as if she is enjoying the food. On the left I can see another woman walking on the street. They are both wearing casual clothes. The second woman looks as if she is in a hurry; she’s wearing a black plain dress and black boots. She has got long straight hair and I think she’s probably about 30. There are also some cars parked and buildings in the background. At the top there’s an orange sign.

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