A firefighter


This description has been sent by Irene Miguez Garcia , a student from 2ºNB

In the picture I can see a few children.

They are very young, I think they are between 5 and 10 .

Some of them are naked, without any clothes or shoes, without anything, and the rest are wearing old, small ,ragged clothes, for example, the little child who is in the background  is wearing a dirty white shirt, and the boy who is on the left is wearing black shorts and a dirty  white shirt too. The couple of children who are on the right are wearing something similar to pyjamas.

They both look sad, nervous, scared.. They are in a war, so I think it`s something normal. They are shouting, crying, they are running away from an explosion, and there are 4 soldiers behind them. The girl who is in the middle has  her body burned, I know it because my mother has told me things about this picture, and in her face we can see all the suffering she is feeling.

The picture was made during  the Vietnam war, between 1958 and  1975.It was one of the worst wars in the world.

A famous singer called PINK, from Vietnam has written a song about the Vietnam war, she felt all the fear of the war when she was a child, and this is the  chorus of her song:

“This is my Vietnam

I’m at war

Life keeps on dropping bombs

And I keep score”

She tried to show all the pain that she felt with this song, called ” My Vietnam”.

This picture makes  me feel sad, because when I see pictures like this one I know I`m really lucky to be here, in my country, with a family who can give me food, a place where we can sleep and live well,  a family who give me love, and that`s the most important thing.

It was one of the most brutal wars which put an end to lots of lives, a war where  the weakest people are always the losers.