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A Formal Email

I know it might be a tiny bit too late to be posting this but I’ve  just come across it and given that we are having the test on Monday/Tuesday I sort of hope the idea of visiting the blog crossed your mind and you are one of the lucky  who will be reading and doing the interactive exercises on the website where these snapshots have been taken from:      http://learnenglishteens.britishcouncil.org/.

Scroll down their  page and make sure you do the following exercises

  • ♥Check your writing: indirect questions
  • ♥Check your writing . gap fill: Useful Phrases

Looking For a Job? Learn how to write a letter applying for a job

Are you looking for a job?? Do you need to write a formal letter applying for a job?

In this Power Point Presentation I help my students write a simple Application Letter studying the Layout of this kind of letters, giving them some tips to take into consideration when writing them and reading a Sample Letter to have as a reference. There is also a  simple  Step-by -Step  Letter of Application to do some practise.

Hope it is helpful!