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Word of the Day: To Fall Back

Yeah! Once again it’s this time of the year when it finally dawns on me that winter is coming. There is no way I can keep on pretending this hot weather is going to last. On Sunday 27th October , our clocks will fall back, and we’ll gain??? one extra hour

This practice, called Daylight Saving Time (DST) is done as a way of making better use of the daylight by setting the clocks forward one hour during the summer, and back again in the autumn. But, in Spain, some people are beginning to ask the government to end this time change practice and keep daylight saving time all year.
A bit of history is due: In Spain Daylight Saving Time was first introduced in 1918 but it was introduced and abolished several times throughout the years. But since 1974 , after the 1973 oil crisis, daily saving time has been observed every year. What do you think? Should we end this practice or keep it?

Anyway, don’t forget to fall back this Sunday! Saturday night will be one hour longer!