Word of the day: Flood /flʌd/

Unfortunately , that’s the word I have most often heard today.

Used as a verb – if a river floods an area that is usually dry, it becomes covered with water

The Nalon river has flooded its banks, making some roads impassable
The Nalon river has flooded whole villages
The relentless rain in Asturias has caused the Nalon river to flood

Used as a noun – An overflowing of water onto land that is normally dry

Fortunately nobody has been killed in the floods in Asturias
The west of Asturias has been badly hit by floods
Tomorrow the flood water is expected to recede

And that’s where I live, Pravia . The  picture was  taken  3 hours ago.


4 thoughts on “Word of the day: Flood /flʌd/

  1. I´m sorry, yesterday I was wrong again(vaya caraja)the name ends in only one “m”. I think is correct in this reply. See you!

  2. Hi Ivan
    Flood waters are receding. Thank God! On the funny side the pic shows the Xiringüelu site so the fun among us is that this year we’ll be drowning in water rather than in cider.
    Thank you for your comments to this blog all throughout the year. You have probably been the most usual reader in the blog and I really appreciate it.
    Hope you have a very nice sunny 🙂 summer

    PS Ivan , I’m trying to send you a private email and your address tal… @ hotmail.com seems to have problems ´cause I get a message back saying it was not delivered.

  3. Hi Cristina !
    How are things?.Well, I think that, your holidays are coming so maybe you are happy,aren´t you?.The photo is terrible, perhaps the Maya´s
    predictions will be unfortunately true, I hope not.The man against the Earth, we are like a little ant fighting against the ocean.Well, let´s try to be optimist.Seneca said: “Don´t worry about a problem that hasn´t came ,because if you worry about it you must be worried two times.I´m so happy because I know that I have passed my oral exam.I was a bit nervous but I did it quite well. See yo soon!

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