Writing can be fun

And this is another superb site I strongly recommend. There are lots of sites that help you improve your listening skills but Writing Fun by Jenny Eather is one of the few sites I have seen that really helps you improve Writing. Poor writing skills is an issue almost everyone tries hard to overcome but we find it really hard because we never seem to have enough time to go through all the steps that good writing requires and that’s where Writing Fun helps you. Let’s see how to use it

♥Choose the type of text you want to write:narrative, description, persuasion, letters,emails,invitations…

♥Read the different examples mousing over the tips on the right to see the examples

♥Print it  or

♥Write online with the help of the text organiser.

Isn’t it just great!!

4 thoughts on “Writing can be fun

  1. Thank you so much Susan.
    Yes, I have just checked. The link is dead, and it doesn’t seem to redirect you to any other url. It’s a shame because it was a great site. Thanks for letting me know and for your kind comment!

  2. Your blogposts are absolutely great – I recommend many things you write to my students. However writing fun seems not to be free any longer. Could you confirm that?



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