Word of the Day: Turn over a new leaf

The idea for this post came from the image of Lady Gaga at the MTV video Music Awards wearing  meat  and just in case wearing a dress meat was not enough, her hat, boots and purse were also made of meat and also, just in case her attire went unnoticed  she asked Cher, who was giving her the award, to hold her meat purse.

But what does the expression to turn over a new leaf mean?

It means to make a fresh start, to change one’s conduct or attitude for the better as in

Lady Gaga promised her fans she was going to turn over a new leaf and stop wearing fur coats

But what’s a leaf?  This is a leaf → 

So playing with the meaning of the expression “turn over a new leaf ” and the word “leaf” the rather provocative group PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals ) has launched a campaign seeking to stop the cruelty of the fur industry and has prompted designers to stop using fur in their designs. The photos below are part of this  campaig . I have put together images of Lady Gaga and models volunteering for PETA. You choose, the options is always yours!

2 thoughts on “Word of the Day: Turn over a new leaf

  1. Hi Ivan
    I can see you’re rather annoyed and I share your feelings.It’s quite difficult for anyone to see how the Spanish government is trying to encourage people to learn languages and at the same time not offering the means to do so. I’m one of the teachers who is with this “horario insuficiente en el centro” and as you have just seen from your first class, we have plenty of students to teach. It’s just the stupidity of some of our politicians who can’t see teaching a language is not like giving a lecture where the number of attendants is unimportant. We should maybe ask them to try their own medicine and join our packed classes and see if they can learn something.

  2. Hi Cristina!
    I´m writing you because, last Friday was my first English class and when I went home I was in a bad mood ´cause I Knew bad things about the Aviles EOI School. I couldn´t believe it. They sell us Aviles like a future and international village with the Niemeyer Centre and after that they take stupid decitions like reduce the teachers staff.Everybody knows that a language class musn´t have more than fithteen students and this year we are thirty in class so it´s going to be so difficult.Well, I´ll try to make some noise.See you soon!

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