Writing a narrative

This is a writing exercise for my PAU students and I thought you might find it useful. In this written exercise they’ll have to make good use of the vocabulary they have learnt about travelling and going places, the connectors they have studied and they’ll also have to put in practice some of the tips I have given them about the Writing Process, which if you are interested you’ll find published in this blog, here.

This is the idea:
Students, in pairs, are asked to write a narrative. They have to use words from both word clouds, i.e, they have to use connectors from the first word cloud and specific vocabulary from the second. Ask them to write their narrative in coloured  paper which you’ll later post on the walls of the classroom for student to vote for the one they like best.


Make sure that you:

♣ begin by describing when and where the story takes place

♣ describe the events in chronological order

♣ use the different forms of the past tense

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  1. Hi Ivan . Is it really Father Christmas during his summer holidays?? How do you know?
    Little hell!! Big Hell , I should say!! Gosh! I’ve never imagined students could be like that,!

  2. Hi Cristina! How is my favourite teacher!Here I am figthing with my English.I like the post about remember and remind because it makes the difference clear(I know the man who does the video is Father Cristmas in his summer holidays).I´m really escaping from big brother on t.v., I´m trying not to spend neither of my brain with stupid people. Well, I´ll send you a mail with the exercise.A bit of work .Are you Little Hell´s boss now?. I think “YES”.SEE YOU SOON!

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