Word of the Day : Curly

Although the weather is not helping much I’ve decided to start this week in high spirits.

Curly: forming curves or circles
I’ve got curly fair hair
The pig has got a curly tail

Now, watch this funny add and see if you can understand it. Needless to say , you’ll need to understand the word curly .

2 thoughts on “Word of the Day : Curly

  1. That’s a nice song for a summer day to be singing at the top of your voice while driving to the beach…
    I like the -ish ending you’ve used! How are lessons?

  2. Hi Cristina!.I´m falling about laughing with this add because I knew it like a Spanish joke ,(Hola rizosin,no esta tu madre en casa?.) but I hadn´t seen it in a spot.It´s funny. Laugh is healthy , isn´t it?.I agree with you about weather, it is horrible, it´s time for indoor activities like studying English, playing poker on the internet or listen to good music.Today´s oldish song is “The Joker” by Steve Miller Band, this is a song that makes me feel good.See you soon!

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