Maria Mena

Maria Mena is a singer-songwriter from Norway, only 21 years old and she has already released 3 cd’s, of which her last album”Apparently Unaffected” with the single “Just Hold Me” has put her on the international charts.
“I’ve always tried to be really honest and really direct and not hide anything,” she says. “I just write songs that I would want to listen to. One song can create one emotion or several.”

For Maria Mena, it always comes back to the music. “Have you ever hummed a melody that you just made up?,” she asks. “That’s how I do it, though it’s more intense, on a more conscious level. I collect words and I collect sentences until I get a song, then I put them down together. I’ve learned to use that gift.” She works with producer Arvid Solvang to create her arrangements. “I sing for him, hum the melody, and he puts chords to it,” she says. “I have this sound in my head. Within pop, you have little boundaries, but I can do whatever I want: I can do jazz, soul, and R&B, but all within pop. Music keeps on breaking boundaries, it keeps on pushing those limits and that is what makes everything so universal and so amazing and I don’t think we should explain it. Just leave it at that and basically see where it takes us next.”
Fancy listening to her lovely voice in “Just hold me“? Pity the video isn’t any better, I imagine it has a lot to do with the fact that she doesn’t sell many records but ,in my opinion, this singer has grace, taste and talent and a very rich voice which reaches deep .


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Sorry , the video is no longer available for embeddding but you will find it here.� . It’s worth a visit.

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