Alejandro – Lady Gaga

It’s not like me to pick this singer for one of my posts. I normally go for R&B or ballads but ,as the old saying goes, “when in Rome , do as the Romans do” and I cannot certainly choose Sade or The Beatles to get to my 12-year-old students. They adore Lady Gaga and this is just what I’m going to give them . Having said this, I have to admit that Lady Gaga is in my MP3 and I usually listen to her when I am running on the treadmill and if I have to be honest and make a clean breast of it  I find her songs quite funny and full of rhythm .
Well, here it is ! The popular ALEJANDRO with its catchy chorus. As I said it’s for elementary students , so it shouldn’t be too difficult.

Click on the image and it’ll take you to the exercise. I haven’t , so far, found a way to embed a Hot Potatoes exercise in a WordPress blog. (please, dear reader, if you know how , kindly let me know)


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