Word of the Day: Take Over

Take over is a phrasal verb which,in this context  means,  to assume control. Look at the cartoon. Can you see how computers are taking over our family life?

Only this morning I was listening to a song called “When love takes over” by David Guetta ft Kelly Rowland. Wanna listen to it?

2 thoughts on “Word of the Day: Take Over

  1. Thank you for your contribution to this blog. I know how hard it is to sit down and write something coherent in English. Sometimes , I even find it difficult to do it in Spanish. You are really getting better at writing!
    And… I’m still waiting for the Trees Presentation you , one upon a time, promised to do.

  2. Hi!
    Yes, it´s the harsh reality.We don´t think so,but computers are taking over our lives.They direct our roads,traffic lights.We don´t use the post, we use emails or short messages.A lot of people can´t speak with the person who is next to them in the bus stop but they have thousand “friends” on the internet.Some time ago I saw a documentary about online games adicctions,it was amazing.There was a couple who was in bed, they were each playing with a different laptop and they were also listening to the game.You could claim that it is the same with a book, although I don´t think so.Obviously, computers are very useful, but maybe some day they won´t need us.Well, finally a joke from my six-year-old nephew, called Pablo,(¿Que le dice un hielo a otro?” Ye lo que hay”.See you soon!

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