Happy St Valentine’s Day

I don’t want to be a party pooper but the truth is I’ve never celebrated this day. I know that for some of you this day is full of meaning so I don’t want to let it go by without wishing you a happy St Valentine’s day with a beautiful love song.


If you want to read a bit about the story of St Valentine’s Day, click here and then do the comprehension questions.

2 thoughts on “Happy St Valentine’s Day

  1. I´ve never celebrated this day I don´t believe in stupid shopping days.Nobody has to say to me when I have to love or to buy gifts.This is our society and we have to live in it but we can´t be like sheeps.Anyway, the song is great!.I´ve never read the lyrics and they are nice.However my song is a bit sad, but Love isn´t perfect.”Anybody seen my baby”,by “The Rolling Stones”,from the album ,”Brigdes to Babylon”.I hope you like it.See you soon! P.D.:Perhaps we are in a new political moment in Asturias ,aren´t we?

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